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Japanese contemporary pop artist JohnHathway.

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[ JohnHathway – biography ]
Japanese, completed The University of Tokyo graduate school Master’s program of physical engineering in 2004.
Then, went on to the this university study academy Doctor’s course in 2005, and served concurrently as a special researcher of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science under The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. (The major is physical engineering: the quantum limit physics. )
Executed by free-lance, united multipronged creation activity and commercial operation on the picture,the design, the technology, the theory, the design of the science course like a novel, product design, a corporate design, an equipment development, a robotic development, a software development, animation, 3D solid illustration, and a corporate technological consultant and the corporate logo design, etc. , and the story, etc.
Illustration & story “Magic town series” that makes the science, magic, and the town a theme is created. Additionally, interested also in a traditional field in Japan such as works to which the folding screen in Edo period is remade with the MOE loritta picture. Moreover, the work of the outlook on the world and the compatibilityof 3D solid technology were high, and the picture was adopted and collected to the demonstration DVD of Panasonic 3D Viera television.
Recently announced the art work of the magic town series seen with solid glasses in 3D solidification technology that combined originally .
Developed in the hardware field the circuit and the program also include, an art servo motor etc. of original development and the possibility of the expression such as robots is pursued.

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