COMITIA 98 will be held on October 30th

The 98th COMITIA will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on October 30th, Sunday, 11:00-16:00. Place for comic drawers and illustrators to sell their self-published comic books. The number of the exhibitors is forecast to be around 3,000. Instead of paying entrance fee, you need to buy “Tia’s Magazine” at the site on that day. It costs 1,000JPN. Or you can also buy the magazine at bookstore beforehand and take it with you. But the number of the bookstores that sell “Tia’s Magazine” is not large, besides it costs around 1,250JPN at the book store. By the way, after “Tia’s Magazine” will be sold out at the site, you can be admitted for free.

10月30日、自主制作漫画誌展示即売会”COMITIA98″が開催される(有明・東京ビッグサイト西1・2ホール。11:00~16:00)。一般来場者は入場料の代わりに”ティアズマガジン”を購入しなけらばいけない。会場での購入は1,000円。事前に書店で購入する場合は1,250円。ただし扱ってる書店はあまり多くない。なお、当日ティアズマガジンが完売したあとは入場が無料となる。詳細はCOMITIA 98 official websiteで。



Flyer of COMITIA 98, illustration by HERO(DKA)

COMITIA 98 official website (Japanese)

Camilla d’Errico speaks about Tanpopo

Canadian artist Camilla d’Errico speaks about her comic story Tanpopo. “My love of manga and my love of literature has now manifested itself into the story of Tampopo…”

カナダのコミックアーティスト、カミラ・デリコ自身が語るオリジナルコミック “タンポポ”。『マンガと文学に対する私の情熱が”タンポポ”の中に現れて…』。


Pin-up illustration of MARIKA (マリカ) from KATOKEN’s comic “LOVER SOUL”. In the comic book, KATOKEN has been challenging new expression with two-color printing. For more of KATOKEN’s work, click HERE.

KATOKENのオリジナルコミック”LOVER SOUL”より、マリカのピンナップイラスト。2色刷りの表現に挑戦中。KATOKENの作品をもっとご覧になりたいかたは こちら(英文) へ。


Copyright © KATOKEN All Rights Reserved.

COMITIA 97 at Tokyo Big Sight

COMITIA 97 was held on Sunday August 21st at Tokyo Big Sight with over 2,700 exhibitors. It’s a regular event for comic drawers and illustrators to sell their self-published comic books, founded in 1984 and currently held four times a year in Tokyo. Much smaller than Comic Market (a.k.a. Comiket) but East Hall 5-6 of Tokyo Big Sight was pretty crowded with comic fans!

Soyoko Shikama

Soyoko Shikama



KATOKEN’s new comic ‘LOVERSOUL’ Preview movie

YouTube Preview Image

For more of KATOKEN’s work, click HERE.