Kōji Morimoto set up his own firm “Φphy”

September 28th 2011, Kōji Morimoto who is one of the most important Japanese anime directors and was the main creator at world famous animation studio STUDIO4℃ launched his own, small but elite, firm Φphy. “We will suggest and develop hi-quality video images and original design and ideas that no one has ever seen before in this world (quoted from Φphy’s website)”. Can’t take your eyes off him!

2011年9月28日、日本を代表するアニメーション監督であり、世界的に有名なアニメーションスタジオSTUDIO4℃のメインクリエーターでもあった森本晃司が、自らが主宰する少数精鋭集団Φphy を始動させた。『この世に誰もがまだ見たことがないハイクオリティな<映像>やオリジナルの<デザイン><アイデア>を提案し、展開していく(Φphyのウェブサイトより引用)』と宣言する森本氏の今後から目が離せない。


Φphy / Copyright © KOJI MORIMOTO All rights reserved.

DENKI-MIRAI has been appointed to represent Nobuyuki Nakamura

DENKI-MIRAI has been appointed to represent Nobuyuki Nakamura, an experienced Japanese composer, arranger, and record producer. Known for a lot of works for world-famous Japanese TV anime series, Hungry Heart: Wild Striker, Chibi Maruko-chan, Mahoujin Guru Guru (Magical Circle Guru Guru), Muka Muka Paradise, Jarinko Chie (Chie the Brat).  For further information about Nobuyuki Nakamura, please visit HERE.

Nobuyuki Nakamura