“Oto ni Miru” by Yoshimi OHTANI

Excellent! Yoshimi OHTANI’s newly drawn illustration for group exhibition held last month at Gallery Echo Ann (Tokyo). “A girl looking to the future, listening to the future”.

Oto N iMiru

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iPhone case designs by Yoshimi OHTANI

Yoshimi OHTANI’s amazing works.

Yoshimi OHTANI iPhone case design-B

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Yoshimi OHTANI iPhone case design-A

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For more of Yoshimi OHTANI’s work, click HERE.

Illustration Exhibition by Fuyuhiko Yamamoto

At Gallery Echo Ann (Ginza, Tokyo), featuring artistic illustrations by Japanese artists selected by art sommelier, Fuyuhiko Yamamoto. Artists: Yoshimi OHTANI, Soyoko Shikama, Akira Ebihara, emico, xi, sioux, Benicco.


Yoshimi Ohtani is an award-winning illustrator. She was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1980 and started her freelance carrier in 2006. Her illustrations are characterized by a mixture of manga/anime style and design/art style. Through the artworks, she tries to express traditional Japanese aesthetics so-called ‘wabi-sabi, kare, iki’ with her modern sensibility. … more

Yoshimi OHTANI
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Kazuki Okawara was born in Saitama prefecture, Japan in 1969 and graduated from Tama Art University. The work includes illustration, animation, character designing for books, games, web sites. Among them, maze illustration is one of the categories he prefers to create. The works have been published as children’s books. … more

Kazuki Okawara
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Minchik is a Japanese illustrator, animator, video creator, and a founder of ‘BEATON’ creative studio located in Fukushima prefecture. His works can be seen in poster, T-shirts, stickers, CD covers, music videos, and sales promotional materials. ‘Beatony Girls -wa-‘, which is one of his new artwork lines, is characterized by the girls illustrated in sophisticated manga/anime style. … more

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Takuya{truffle} is a illustrator, character designer, merchandises designer, born in Japan. The characters he designed have been selected as mascot characters and character merchandises by several Japanese leading companies including Japanese professional baseball team. His illustrations can be seen in books, magazines, websites. … more

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