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Soyoko Shikama has been appeared in UK magazine!

Our artist Soyoko Shikama has been appeared in UK art magazine “LAMINATE Most wanted”. The current issue, issue 3, contains two-page spread of Soyoko’s work. When you purchase the issue, you can get Gelaskin with Soyoko’s art for free, but the number is limited.

DENKI-MIRAIの契約アーティスト鹿間そよ子が、イギリスの雑誌”LAMINATE Most wanted”の第3号に、見開きページで取り上げられました。この号を購入されたかたは、鹿間そよ子のGelaskin(iPhoneスキンシール)が無料でもらえます。ただし数量限定。

Soyoko Page
Soyoko Page in LAMINATE Most Wanted-issue 3
Gelaskin with Soyoko’s art
LAMINATE Most Wanted-issue 3