Intellectual property licensing agency in Japan


DENKI-MIRAI has signed a mobile content license for Micheal Togneri with Field System Inc., Japanese leading mobile content provider.

Michael Togneri is a notable Scottish artist who was a winner of first place in the Zazzle UK Launch Design Contest (History Category) in 2008, and is currently running his successful website ‘’ – an online emporium for kawaii mascots. His cute character designs can be found on t-shirts, bags, cards, stationery, mugs, mousepads, badges, and stickers – as well as being found on their very own blog!

Kawaii Punk

“Kawaii” is a Japanese word in origin that refers to as “cute”. But nowadays, due to the popularity of Japanese subculture (i.e. animation, comics, games) in the world, it has become part of the English language like other Japanese subculture’s words such as anime, manga, otaku. And spreading such Japanese subculture has had a strong influence on artists outside of Japan as well. Michael Togneri is one of such artists who has been drawn to and influenced by Japanese culture and media.

The content will be available on over 180 mobile phone models for three major Japanese mobile operators (DoCoMo, KDDI, SoftBank) within this year and will be updated monthly.