Intellectual property licensing agency in Japan


DENKI-MIRAI signed mobile content deals with Field System Inc. and Sweet Room Co., Ltd., Japanese leading providers of mobile content, for art properties DENKI-MIRAI represents including Alchemy Gothic(UK), Mary Lynn Blasutta(USA), Marja-Leena (Sweden), Kate Knight(UK), Michael Bugler(Ireland), Richard A Goldberg(USA), Studio 139 Designs(USA), Jamie Kalvestran(USA), Samantha Hahn(USA).

About Field System Inc.
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Field System Inc. runs mobile sites including ‘U-Style’, ‘U-Design’, ‘U-Fashion’, ‘U-Photo’. Field System Inc. also runs ‘FOX-TV’ and ‘National Geographic Channel’ in partnership with FOX International Channels (Japan).

About Sweet Room Co., Ltd.
Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Sweet Room Co., Ltd. runs mobile sites including ‘ Chaku Chaku Entame’, and is one of affiliated companies of Proceed Co., Ltd., Japanese TV commercial casting company.