“ULTRA004-November side” will be held this week

In succession to “ULTRA004-October side” held last week, its “November side” will be held this week on November 1-3, 11:00am-8:00pm, at Spiral Garden (Omotesando, Tokyo). The show is officially called “EMERGING DIRECTORS’ ART FAIR ULTRA004”, because it features and focuses on the gallerists(not on the artists) under 40 years old. At the site, you can meet contemporary artworks selected by 31 young directors from various Japanese galleries, and also be able to speak to the directors freely to talk about the artworks they selected.

先週、3日間にわたって行われた”ULTRA004-オクトーバー・サイド”に引き続き、今週は “ULTRA004-ノヴェンバー・サイド”が開催される。場所はスパイラルガーデン(スパイラル1F、表参道・東京)。正式には”エマージング・ディレクターズ・アートフェアULTRA004″と呼ばれているこの展示会の特徴は、アーティストではなくギャラリストに焦点を当てていること。しかも40歳以下の若手ギャラリストを出展単位としている点だ。ノヴェンバー・サイドにはさまざまなギャラリーから31人のディレクターが参加している。気になる作品についてディレクターに直接質問することも可能だ。公式サイト

Photo by Katsuhiro Ichikawa

DESIGN-FESTA will be held on November 12-13

International art event “DESIGN-FESTA vol.34” will be held on November 12-13, at Tokyo Big Sight west halls, 11am to 7pm. Meet around 8,500 exhibitors in 3,000 booths showcasing their original art and products!! For further information visit their English website, gallery.

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デザインとアートの祭典、アートイベント”DESIGN-FESTA vol.34″が11月12日(土)-13(日)に開催される(東京ビッグサイト西ホール全館。11:00~19:00)。出展者数8,500名(予定)、出展ブース3,000(予定)。詳細は公式サイトphoto gallery へ。

Kim Shaan, ULTRA004 group show @Spiral(Omotesando, Tokyo)

キム・シャン(Kim Shaan)。スパイラル(表参道)の展示会”ULTRA004″。メグミオギタギャラリーのブースにて。

Kim Shaan at MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY booth, ULTRA004 group show @Spiral(Omotesando, Tokyo).

Kim Shaan

Copyright © Kim Shaan All Rights Reserved.

Kim Moohwa, ULTRA004 group show @Spiral(Omotesando, Tokyo)

韓国ソウル出身の若手女性アーティスト金茂華(Kim Moohwa)の作品。上から 『from SMALL APPLE ~ It’s just A.P.P.L.E. ~』、『from SMALL APPLE ~ kagamimochi girl ~』。携帯で撮影したため画像がクリアでなくうまく伝わらないが、小さい作品だけどインパクトがあった。懐かしい リカちゃんフェイス。スパイラル(表参道)の展示会”ULTRA004″、新生堂ブースにて。

Korean young artist Kim Moohwa’s work, small but attractive, cute Licca-chan face. Titled “from SMALL APPLE ~ It’s just A.P.P.L.E. ~” and “from SMALL APPLE ~ kagamimochi girl ~”. At Shinseido booth, ULTRA004 group show @Spiral(Omotesando, Tokyo). 

Kim Moohwa

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KATOKEN and Soyoko Shikama will be exhibiting at COMITIA 98 (Tokyo Big Sight)

KATOKEN and Soyoko Shikama will be exhibiting at COMITIA 98 at Tokyo Big Sight on October 30th, Sunday, 11:00-16:00. Place for comic drawers and illustrators to sell their self-published comic books. Their booth numbers are: “は03a” KATOKEN, “ぬ09b” Soyoko Shikama. Visit the show and stop by their booths!  At KATOKEN’s booth, you can get the following postcard, limited 50 copies, for free!! For more information about them click KATOKENSoyoko Shikama.

KATOKENと鹿間そよ子が”CMITIA 98″(有明・東京ビッグサイト西1・2ホール。11:00~16:00)に出展する。ブース番号は、KATOKENが”は03a” 、鹿間そよ子は”ぬ09b”。KATOKENのブースでは下記デザインのポストカードが無料でもらえる(限定50枚)。


Postcard / Copyright © KATOKEN All Rights Reserved.

DENKI-MIRAI has been appointed to represent Japanese figure artist Yukinori Dehara

Yukinori Dehara

Copyright © Yukinori Dehara All Rights Reserved.

Yukinori Dehara is a Japanese figure artist and illustrator, born in 1974 in Kochi prefecture, have been involved in advertisement works with Nike, NEC, Tower Records, ASICS Europe, and have held 4-6 shows a year in Tokyo, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Paris. He is known for the creator of well-known character “Kinoyama-san” and “Takezato brotheres” for “Kinoko no yama” and “Takenoko no sato”, chocolate snacks from Japanese confectioner company Meiji Co., Ltd… For further information about Yukinori Dehara, please visit HERE.

KATOKEN’s tumbler design

KATOKEN’s new illustration for tumbler. You can buy this tumbler at a gift shop “Asakusa Natsuno”, located near Asakusa Sensōji temple, opened May 28th this year. The shop handles works/products of various Japanese pop creators (illustrator, fugure creator, poet). For more of KATOKEN’s work, click HERE.

KATOKENのタンブラーデザイン。”江戸みやげ 浅草なつの”で販売中。このお店の特色は、さまざまなクリエーター(イラストレーター、フィギュアクリエイター、詩人)が、日本文化や浅草をテーマに描いた作品・商品を取り扱っていること。公園本通り(通称:ホッピー通り)に、2011年5月28日にオープンしたばかり。なかなかユニークな土産物屋。KATOKENの作品をもっとご覧になりたいかたは こちら (英文)へ。

katoken tumbler

Copyright © KATOKEN All Rights Reserved.

Natsuki Otake

Japanese artist Natsuki Otake. Born in 1982, graduated from the graduate school of Tama Art University in 2008. Known as a dyeing artist who draws girls in manga/anime style using rōketsuzome technique, one of traditional textile dyeing techniques in Japan. Three pieces of art listed here are her new digital works.



Copyright © Natsuki Otake All Rights Reserved.


Copyright © Natsuki Otake All Rights Reserved.


Copyright © Natsuki Otake All Rights Reserved.

Kōji Morimoto set up his own firm “Φphy”

September 28th 2011, Kōji Morimoto who is one of the most important Japanese anime directors and was the main creator at world famous animation studio STUDIO4℃ launched his own, small but elite, firm Φphy. “We will suggest and develop hi-quality video images and original design and ideas that no one has ever seen before in this world (quoted from Φphy’s website)”. Can’t take your eyes off him!

2011年9月28日、日本を代表するアニメーション監督であり、世界的に有名なアニメーションスタジオSTUDIO4℃のメインクリエーターでもあった森本晃司が、自らが主宰する少数精鋭集団Φphy を始動させた。『この世に誰もがまだ見たことがないハイクオリティな<映像>やオリジナルの<デザイン><アイデア>を提案し、展開していく(Φphyのウェブサイトより引用)』と宣言する森本氏の今後から目が離せない。


Φphy / Copyright © KOJI MORIMOTO All rights reserved.

Limoon Land is now on App store!

GignoSystem Japan, Inc., Japanese mobile content provider, has introduced a new App Limoon Land “once upon a time…”  for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Available worldwide.

Limoon is a French illustrator, born in Marseille in 1976, known for a wide range of works with La FNAC (see her biography below). Limoon Land is a magical world Limoon created, where all of her kawaii characters – animals, birds, and little girls – live a happy life together. This App includes her poetic and sweet works in a collection of 30 illustrations, and allows saving the image to your album for use as a wallpaper.

*Limoon is represented in licensing in Japan by DENKI-MIRAI.


*Limoon’s biography
Born in the south of France at Marseille in 1976, Limoon is a self-taught illustrator.
It all started in 2008 after the launch of LimoonLand.com website that won many awards and allowed her to start working as a freelance artist for various clients. She created illustrations for press (SVM Mac), CD covers and working for specialized home decoration shops (Posters, Canvas, etc.) and a large scale contract with La FNAC gave her amazing visibility. Limoon then participated in many expositions, and now also launched her own internet store full of “homemade” products. Her poetic and Kawaii universe has attracted many publishers over time. Limoon’s creations have been ported on many different supports such as : post-cards, posters, notebooks, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, tea boxes, suitcases, bags, badges, magnets, stickers, tattoos, bookmarks and so on. Limoon’s products are available in France and also distributed worldwide… but it doesn’t stop there, this being a passion you can expect many new creations to come for Limoon Land.

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